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Who we are

Deyar¬†Group For Real Estate Development is one of Egypt’s leading real estate investment and development companies.

For more than 15 years, the company has maintained the highest standards of construction quality to create an integrated residential community for its customers. We believe that the needs of individuals are different and sophisticated. Ensure the best use of spaces through smart architectural designs and apply the highest quality standards with the best materials.

Deyaar Real Estate Development Group has successfully established and delivered more than 55 distinct projects in New Cairo and EL-Shorouq city between residential buildings and villas.

Our Goals

The main objective of Deyaar Real Estate Development Group, as a leading real estate investment and development company, is to create and deliver unique residential communities. In Deyaar, we are developing high quality residential units to add value to our customers by implementing international quality standards that will help us to be at the forefront of real estate development in Egypt.

Our value

We believe that real estate investment and development companies should look not only to build residential units, but to build the future and build an integrated lifestyle We've put a lot of values on our approach to providing the best services like

  • Choose the finest neighborhoods to offer high quality services and features.
  • Identify key locations to ensure customer comfort
  • Create unique designs and innovative solutions for interior spaces for residential units
  • Choose the best materials for implementation
  • Apply a unique, unified architectural design to achieve excellence and advancement.

Our Vision

To be in the ranks of the largest real estate investment and development companies in Egypt and the Middle East, and to contribute effectively in various aspects of urban development, in line with international quality standards in the field of construction and building, in order to do everything that our customers aspire, while achieving the highest rates of success.

Features of Deyar Group projects

  • Select locations for projects in the highest neighborhoods and areas in the heart of Cairo and other new cities where they are suitable for customers.
  • Variety of unique architectural designs to suit different customer needs and needs (under the supervision of engineering experts).
  • The group is characterized by its high-end finishes, high-quality design and design of exterior and interior finishes at the best level.
  • Pay close attention to project locations so all units have clear visibility and visibility.
  • Deyaar Group is always striving to provide an environment that is suitable for housing, business and customer satisfaction.
  • Access an internal design to take advantage of all spaces.
  • Buildings vary in style.

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