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October Medical City is one of the most important medical projects of Deyar Group its geographical location in 6th of October city was carefully chosen and studied to meet the increasing needs of these medical projects.   The project is designed according to German standards and specifications and high technical by a group of consultants, the project will be delivered externally and internally,and All the internal areas of the centers and clinics will be finished with a high quality level.   October Medical City consists of six floors with a total area of ​​17500 m2 without parking to include all specialized medical centers and medical clinics.   The basement has been allocated a car garage and various areas to serve the project.   The lower ground floor has been allocated medical centers, radiation center, laboratory, the physiotherapy center, obstetric center, or the heart and blood vessels.   The higher ground has been allocated to the services of October Medical City to include reception areas, bank, pharmacy, shops for the sale of medical supplies, prostheses and medical clinics in all disciplines.   The first to second floors have been allocated to specialized medical centers and clinics in various specialties.   The third floor has been allocated to Orthopedic Hospital or any other specialty ,there is also a wide range of services and waiting areas for a large number of patients and visitors.   The roof has been allocated to health club and gym.

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    The project is located in the heart of the 6th of October City on the main central axis of the city next to the police hospital and the administrative prosecution. The site is located on the main axis of 6th of October city near the Oasis Road, the axis road, 6 October airport and the industrial city.

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